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Naqoura, United Nations
Naqoura - United Nations  
Road to Naqoura  











Naqoura Overview


Altitude: 10m
Distance from Beirut: 90km

Getting to Naqoura

From Beirut, take Khalde Highway South passing through Khalde, Damour, Naame, Saadiat, along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea, Saida, Sarafand, Khaizaran, Adloun, Sour, Naqoura.

Geography and Climate

Naqoura is a small and beautiful town on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at the meeting point of three continents and, as such, has been the crossroads of many civilizations whose traces may still be seen today. 


Naqoura unparalleled natural splendor is enhanced by Lebanon's moderate, Mediterranean climate. Lebanon enjoys about 300 days per year of sunshine. The winter is mild on the coast and snowy in the mountains, while the summer is hot on the coast and mild on the mountains. It is possible during the spring months to ski in the mountains and swim on the coast in the same day!
Average Temperatures for Naqoura in Centigrade

January 13 
February 14
March 16
April 18
May 22
June 25
July 27
August 28
September 26
October 24
November 19
December 16


The government offers incentives to attract foreign and domestic investment, including low income tax rates for individuals and corporations.
For more information on trade, business, economy, or investment in Lebanon, check these links The Ministry of Economy and Trade, The Investment and Development Authority in Lebanon, or The Ministry of Finance.

Because Lebanon is a country where three languages are commonly spoken, Naqoura has schools that teach in Arabic, French, and English. Naqoura provides a wide variety of schools from which parents can choose, depending on which language of instruction they prefer.





Information From the Ministry of Tourism

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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